About Me

I grew up in a family with a history of being chefs, and my father worked for the Tosher Rebbe. When I was younger, I really enjoyed helping my father make fancy fruit arrangements for the Tu B’Shevat tish.

Over time, I got better at making these fruit arrangements. While I was learning at yeshiva, I put together a special fruit arrangement for the Tu B’Shevat Tish run by the Shopron Rav. Seeing how much the other people at yeshiva liked it encouraged me a lot.

Then, when I got married, I figured I’d try handing out my fruit platters as mishloach manot for Purim. It was just an idea; I wasn’t thinking about starting a real business. But I started getting a lot of calls about them for other events after Purim, and I saw people really liked them.

Now, with my business “Fruit Platters”, we’re focused on making and delivering these fancy fruit platters with great care, making sure every order is perfect for anyone’s special day.

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